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The Founders

The team behind the scenes of Hiring from the Heart


Barbara Lee

Head of People at HQ Trivia

Barbara Lee is the Head of People Operations at the company behind the viral HQ Trivia. She has been the first recruiter hire at five early-stage tech companies in New York City and specializes in building processes from the ground up. Her unique background in marketing and hospitality means she pulls crazy tactics like creating trivia questions to convince candidates to join her team and dropping handwritten notes in AirBnBs for out of state candidates. In her spare time, Barbara volunteers with organizations that focus on pay equality (81cents) and empowering individuals from underprivileged backgrounds land jobs in tech (Tech Talent Pipeline).


Reuben Roth


Reuben Roth runs a boutique recruitment firm specializing in building customized recruitment infrastructure at scale with a focus on Software Engineering. Having contributed to some of the world’s leading technical companies, he is obsessed with all things hiring related. Reuben finds extreme beauty in utilizing data to enhance hiring decisions. You can read about his hiring methodologies on his blog. In his spare time, you can catch Reuben at the gym, cooking, or reading. 

About Us: Our Team
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